The perfect reason to buy new shoes for Earth Day is Teaming Up with Patagonia & Healthy Child Healthy World for Earth Day, 2012! I know, I know, it’s totally irritating when companies (and bloggers!) pitch products to celebrate ...

Keep toxins out of your body with the 3 points of entry

When I talk to families about how to keep kids safe from toxic chemicals, I focus on what I like to call the “3 Points of Entry”. These are the ...

Making a Safer Bed on Any Budget


Parenting these days is tough enough without having to worry about toxins affecting our precious kids while they sleep. But we do worry, ...

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Pregnancy Awareness Month Feature: From One Mother’s Heart to Another

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month and Healthy Home Magazine will be featuring ...

Choosing to live one moment at a time

“Life is a journey, not a destination” (~Ralph Waldo Emerson). This quote ...

Top 5 Tips for Packing Waste Free Lunches

Eco Lunch Box Tips & Tricks for Earth Day! What’s for lunch? ...

Do I really need fair trade and organic cotton products for my home?

I get asked this question a lot, so here are a ...

Give the Gift of Citrus Lane

Whether you subscribe to magazines, have your CSA deliver yummy fruits and ...

Today I Ate a Rainbow!

A few months ago Kia Robertson, children’s book author and creator of ...

Get Creative for Safer Chemicals!

If you’ve been following my every move lately (because of course you ...

How I Became a Light Shade of Green

by Lindsey Galvez, author of So Easy Being Green If I could ...

Taking Action for Toxic Free Kids

I'm thrilled that the Toxic Free Kids Act was ...

Showers of Hope: Bringing people together in the face of tragedy

In my life, I have been repeatedly blessed to meet, work with ...

A BPA-Free Halloween is As Easy As…Pie!

The more we learn about how horrible BPA is for humans (especially little humans), ...

Greener and Leaner Birthday Celebrations

I mentioned in a recent post that my family loves to celebrate ...

Stuck On You: Why Attachment Parenting Works For Me

From the moment our now four-year-old son was born, my husband and I found ...

Creating a Fruit and Veggie Culture in the Home

What we surround ourselves with makes a huge difference in the habits ...

VacciShield immune boost review and giveaway!

Vaccination. It is a word that evokes strong emotions in millions of ...

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Lullaby Organics Final Day Celebration!

Have you heard the news? At midnight tonight (PST), Lullaby Organics is closing its virtual doors so we can re-prioritize time with family and get ready for the launch of Healthy Home Magazine’s “Healthy Product Guide” coming later this summer! The guide will be filled with recommendations for safe and healthy products reviewed and approved […]

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Support Your Favorite Local Business on Small Business Saturday

When I was growing up, I remember Thanksgiving Day feeling a little bit rushed as we scrambled to get out the door to see extended family. Some years everyone was together and other years dinner was at one place and dessert at another. But as much as I enjoyed getting together to see everyone in […]

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My Mama’s Love Review and Giveaway

What makes My Mama’s Love so special? In two simple words: its owner! Leslie McCann is the brains, hands, and heart behind the entire company. She didn’t intent to start a skin care company, but in 2004, she couldn’t sit by idly and watch her daughter suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities resulting in skin […]

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12 Days of Holi-Daily Fun, Deals and Giveaways!

On the Third day of Holi-daily Deals my favorite store gave to me….SHHHH!!! It’s a surprise and it won’t be revealed until 11/27! Green Kids Guide and Lullaby Organics have teamed up with  our favorite eco-friendly bloggers for an exciting Holiday Sale event: Twelve Days of Holi-Daily Deals! Each day from 11/25-12/6, a different eco-fabulous […]

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BPA-Free? Not Exactly!

And last week, Chemical & Engineering News reported on a recent study that found people absorb BPA through their skin through coated paper products like cash register receipts. The study, conducted by New York state public health laboratory Wadsworth Center, tested 83 receipts from seven U.S. cities and found BPA in all of them—even ones […]

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Join Me for National Costume Swap Day!

A few weeks ago, I joined some of my favorite  eco-minded bloggers across the US and Canada to help spread the word about National Costume Swap Day, now just four days away, on Saturday October 8, 2011. If you are in the Greater Seattle/Eastside area, please join me for an evening Costume Swap at Tot […]

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Green Your Halloween: National Costume Swap Day is October 8, 2011!

Every family has their favorite holidays and traditions. In my family, we love to celebrate holidays. I mean REALLY love it. We are those crazy neighbors who decorate our entire house and yard for a month before Halloween and Christmas, host big backyard BBQs for summer holidays and celebrate our kids’ birthdays for a week at a […]

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School’s in! Germs out! Non-toxic soap review and giveaway!

School’s in! Germs out! Labor Day has come and gone and for many school-aged kids, school is officially back in session. So I have to ask: do you know what’s in your school’s soap? Detergents, toxins, pesticides? Odds are your kid’s school isn’t thinking about what’s in the soap; they’re happy if they can get the […]

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Who needs a microwave when you have a toaster oven + 2 Easy Organic Recipes

I’ll admit that even though giving up our handy microwave last year was my idea, I wasn’t sure I was going to love living without it. How would I re-heat leftovers or (more importantly), my coffee? How would I melt butter for baking? What about quick & easy oatmeal or mac & cheese for the kids? […]

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World’s Best Homemade Play Dough Recipe

I am creative in lots of ways: musically, dramatically, even in business. But when it comes to arts and crafts, my passion certainly exceeds my talent. For the first two years of my son’s life (and before I knew about the toxins found in so many art supplies!), I tended to buy pre-packaged craft kits, which […]

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Hooray for Boobies! Products and Resources for Moms Who Pump

As World Breastfeeding Week  winds down, I find myself reflecting on my own breastfeeding journey. It started almost exactly four years ago and covered a full range of emotions, from joy and pride when it was going well to disappointment and shame during times of struggle. I sometimes meet new moms who seem to have “figured it out” quickly and […]

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Top 5 Back-to-School Picks for 2011

As a green-minded parent, I am always looking for products that will satisfy the eco and socially responsible side of me as well as the side that doesn’t think green has to be boring. So here you go…with both ideals in mind…my top 5 picks for back-to-school 2011 are: #1: FAVORITE RE-USABLE LUNCH BAGS:  Graze Organics…I love […]

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Rainy Day Perspective

It was raining outside and none of us were feeling 100% so we used the rain as an excuse to stay in. My clever idea for rainy day fun was to watch a movie and snuggle on the couch, which both kids happily agreed to right away, of course. We settled in to watch Tangled, Disney’s new […]

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